chelsea hanna cohen


on February 23, 2013

So, as you can probably tell, my first post didn’t lead to more posts, as I feel is often the case with blogs. But I’m going to try and bring this back to life, to actually post blog entries, thoughts, life updates here. So here’s where my life is now since I created this back in October:

–I have a new job! I’m still at Pearson, with Pearson Learning Solutions (custom publishing), but I’ve worked my way up from proofreader to Media Project Manager. I’m on the ebook team, so I deal with ebooks for third-party platforms. I started last Monday, so it’s still ramping up, but I think I’m really going to enjoy it. 

–New classes! I’m taking a digital publishing class this semester, where we’re learning about apps and enhanced magazines. I’m also doing a directed study where I’m creating an interactive ebook Choose-Your-Own-Adventure version of Sherlock Holmes and an internship where I’m converting print titles to ebooks. So it’s a very ebook/technology intensive semester – just the way I like it. I’m graduating in May – exciting!

So that’s where my life is now, what it’s become. Be on the lookout for more thoughts and ideas shortly 🙂


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