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Ebook Projects

I’m happy to report that A Scandal in Bohemia: Can You Solve the Case? is now for sale! And YOU get to pick the price.

The first file is interactive and has the most features, so if you’re going to pick that one up, consider giving slightly more for the extras! You can download the files by clicking the links below. Paying is optional – if you want it for free, it’s yours.

To pay: Click on the “Pay Now” button below. Enter in the amount you’d like to pay and click “Update.” Then either sign in with your PayPal account, or you can use a credit or debit card as well.


All versions have the same basic setup: It’s a choose-your-own-adventure through A Scandal in Bohemia, a classic Sherlock Holmes story. You choose which choices Holmes and Watson should make – see if you can solve the case! All versions also include a simple, plain-text version if you want to read it straight through, as well as the option to see how Holmes did it, which highlights the choices that lead through the original text.

  • Interactive, EPUB3 Version:
    This version can be read on iBooks for iPhone and iPad, or another reader that supports EPUB3. In addition to what’s mentioned above, this version also includes an interactive cluepad at the end of many sections, which will test your knowledge of what you’ve read so far and perhaps help you solve the case.
  • Basic EPUB2 Version:
    This version can be read on any e-reader besides a Kindle. It does not contain the interactive cluepad.
  • Kindle Version:
    Use this version if you have a Kindle. This one also does not contain the interactive cluepad.

2 responses to “Ebook Projects

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